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Area Code and Phone Number City State
5412235009 Albany OR
5412012038 Ashland OR
5412018044 Ashland OR
5034683059 Astoria OR
5037768011 Aurora OR
5412493023 Baker OR
5037323200 Beaver Creek OR
9712500125 Beaverton OR
9712490125 Beaverton OR
5039061053 Beaverton OR
5416107052 Bend OR
5416100568 Bend OR
5412518038 Brookings OR
5035928011 Canby-Needy OR
5413920038 Cascade Locks OR
5416658050 Central Point OR
5037707011 Charbonneau OR
5039052177 Clackamas OR
9719250101 Clackamas OR
5037285021 Clatskanie OR
5412522016 Coos Bay OR
5412520038 Coos Bay OR
5412070038 Corvallis OR
5413684016 Corvallis OR
5417678070 Cottage Grove OR
5038317051 Dallas OR
5413573011 Depoe Bay OR
5412060038 Eugene OR
5414340309 Eugene OR
5419023022 Florence OR
5412263027 Grants Pass OR
5413940038 Grass Valley OR
5039070675 Gresham OR
5036606038 Gresham OR
9712310568 Gresham OR
5416677066 Hermiston OR
5036228027 Hood Land OR
5417164025 Hood River OR
5412054043 Klamath Falls OR
5412050038 Klamath Falls OR
5416635042 La Grande OR
5414180038 Lincoln City OR
5412682805 Mapleton OR
5033768042 McMinnville OR
5413264043 Medford OR
5415310038 Medford OR
5038976042 Mill City OR
5034763027 Newberg OR
5413513012 Newport OR
9712474020 North Plains OR
5414020038 Parkdale OR
5416123042 Pendleton OR
5415124010 Phoenix OR
5413664004 Port Orford OR
5413660038 Port Orford OR
5039720810 Portland OR
9712440125 Portland OR
5413623060 Prineville OR
5418462012 Provolt-Murphy OR
5033953042 Rainier OR
5413161027 Redmond OR
5412717021 Reedsport OR
5413781038 Roseburg OR
5413782013 Roseburg OR
5034804059 Salem OR
9712181038 Salem OR
5037176042 Seaside OR
5039254025 Sherwood OR
5032175003 Sherwood OR
5038743042 Silverton OR
5034383011 St Helens OR
5032185018 Stafford-Sandy OR
5035063041 Stafford-Sandy OR
5412034042 Stateline OR
5413203021 Sumpter OR
5417054025 The Dalles OR
5033541038 Tillamook OR
5419227044 Umatilla OR
9712483059 Vernonia OR
5418861042 Wallowa OR
5039804025 Woodburn OR

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