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Area Code and Phone Number City State
4012106850 Block Island RI
4012106504 Block Island RI
4016386850 Bristol RI
4016386504 Bristol RI
4012386504 Carolina RI
4012386850 Carolina RI
4012716504 Centredale RI
4012716850 Centredale RI
4013136504 Coventry RI
4013136850 Coventry RI
4016606504 Cumberland Hill RI
4016606850 Cumberland Hill RI
4017156850 Greenwich RI
4017156504 Greenwich RI
4017406850 Hope Valley RI
4014914038 Hope Valley RI
4017566850 Jamestown RI
4015669010 Jamestown RI
4017776850 Little Compton RI
4017776504 Little Compton RI
4017956850 Narragansett RI
4013600038 Narragansett RI
4017956504 Narragansett RI
4013674037 Newport RI
4013446850 Newport RI
4015220038 North Kingstown RI
4013866850 North Kingstown RI
4013866504 North Kingstown RI
4018046850 Pascoag RI
4013719012 Pascoag RI
4013124016 Pawtucket RI
4014286850 Pawtucket RI
4014966850 Portsmouth RI
4014966504 Portsmouth RI
4015376850 Providence RI
4018294020 Providence RI
4018126850 Scituate RI
4018126504 Scituate RI
4018586850 Tiverton RI
4016854020 Tiverton RI
4015616850 Warren RI
4015616504 Warren RI
4013524016 Warwick RI
4015936850 Warwick RI
4018966504 West Glocester RI
4018966850 West Glocester RI
4012624016 West Warwick RI
4019226850 West Warwick RI
4016206850 Westerly RI
4016224019 Westerly RI
4019376850 Woonsocket RI
4012294016 Woonsocket RI

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