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Area Code and Phone Number City State
3048192993 Athens WV
3043022993 Barboursville WV
3049292993 Beckley WV
3042501038 Beckley WV
3049498043 Belle WV
3049440038 Berkeley Springs WV
3048172993 Bluefield WV
3044094025 Bluewell WV
3048282993 Bradshaw WV
3048482993 Bridgeport WV
3049334031 Bridgeport WV
3044712993 Buckhannon WV
3044302993 Buffalo WV
3048522993 Burnsville WV
3048854033 Charles Town WV
3047202993 Charleston WV
3045530038 Charleston WV
3044590005 Chester WV
3048410038 Clarksburg WV
3043262993 Clarksburg WV
3047342993 East Bank WV
3046302993 Elkins WV
3048164028 Fairmont WV
3043332993 Fairmont WV
3048860005 Falling Waters WV
3045746038 Fayetteville WV
3047642993 Fort Gay WV
3043212993 Franklin WV
3049024030 Franklin WV
3049034030 Grafton WV
3044668993 Hinton WV
3048400038 Huntington WV
3047812993 Huntington WV
3049084044 Kenova WV
3045972993 Keyser WV
3047902010 Keyser WV
3043298993 Kingwood WV
3047932993 Lewisburg WV
3048312993 Logan WV
3048960038 Logan WV
3043076993 Madison WV
3045962993 Martinsburg WV
3048390038 Martinsburg WV
3047731993 Mason WV
3043900993 Milton WV
3042252993 Morgantown WV
3045540038 Morgantown WV
3044472993 New Martinsville WV
3042042993 Nitro WV
3044652993 Oak Hill WV
3048652993 Parkersburg WV
3046990038 Parkersburg WV
3048352993 Pennsboro WV
3048582993 Peterstown WV
3046748993 Point Pleasant WV
3047164000 Princeton WV
3048182993 Princeton WV
3048682993 Ravenswood WV
3047261010 Ridgeley WV
3043731993 Ripley WV
3049278993 Spencer WV
3042012993 St Albans WV
3049450038 St Albans WV
3048832993 Summersville WV
3047502993 Sutton WV
3047912993 Terra Alta WV
3048912993 Walton WV
3047062993 Wayne WV
3047402993 Weirton WV
3047052993 Welch WV
3045171993 Weston WV
3049044030 Weston WV
3045510038 Wheeling WV
3042302993 Wheeling WV
3048548993 Whitesville WV
3048992993 Williamson WV

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