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Area Code and Phone Number City State
3078490115 Border WY
3076844505 Buffalo WY
3074624012 Casper WY
3072240038 Casper WY
3074594012 Cheyenne WY
3072220038 Cheyenne WY
3072134045 Cody WY
3073586111 Douglas WY
3077833465 Evanston WY
3076858365 Gillette WY
3078758295 Green River WY
3072004011 Jackson WY
3072010038 Jackson WY
3078280038 Kemmerer WY
3073354038 Lander WY
3072230038 Laramie WY
3074604009 Laramie WY
3073249265 Rawlins WY
3074634020 Riverton WY
3072124010 Rock Springs WY
3074614022 Sheridan WY
3073226465 Wheatland WY

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